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As a Digital Marketing freelancer highly experienced in designing and implementing successful digital marketing campaigns that increase leads, website traffic, and sales. Here is a free guide I created for you.

Free SEO TIPS to help you achieve QUICK WINS!

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Improve low-hanging content

Be aware of low-hanging content. This may include older blog posts that no longer provide value, or title tags and meta descriptions that are currently out of date.


Fill in content gaps
Optimise title Tags

Title tags are necessary for search engine optimization. Google uses title tags to determine what information is most relevant to a user's search query, and using them properly can boost your site's rankings in SERPs.

Everyone has this problem, but it can be easy to miss content gaps when you are busy working on other aspects of your business. This e-book could help you find areas which need improving—and I mean that literally!

Reader Review.

Great e-book - I could understand SEO again. Now I am working with her to improve my marketing efforts. Having clarity has been the best investment

- Gracie

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